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Below you’ll find a list of the main writers for Breaking-eNews.  You can contact any of them by using their first name and then

John Gaystone
John is an experienced entertainment writer, having spent many years both in movies and in the comedy/nightclub industries.

Sue Sheppard
Sue is both an experienced journalist and a mother of two.  She also enjoys reading, her dog Mr. Giggles, and relaxing (with a good book, of course) after the kids are in bed.

Will Smutterman
Will likes to trade the markets both at home and abroad in his spare time when he is not writing for one of the major newspapers.

Tom Flex (really!)
Having studied health/fitness at university, Tom uses this knowledge to research the health/fitness industry.  He’s also no stranger to the gym.

Rolfe Olfson
Rolfe is a sports nut, with a particular love for the NFL and Socker.   He is fast becoming a well known name in sports reporting, and got his education from the school of hard knocks.

Roger Jones
Roger loves the latest gadgets and has earned the nickname “super nerd.”   He also likes testing out the latest electronic gear.

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